Safari Package 1: TANZANIA – Big 5 Safari in 5 Days

The Big Five of Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

Safari Package 2: TANZANIA – Best 7N/8D Tanzania + Zanzibar

Safari Package 2: Best 7N/8D Tanzania + Zanzibar

Safari Package 3: TANZANIA – 4N/5D & 5N/6D Serengeti Safari

Safari Package 3: 2 Days/1 Night

Safari Package 4: TANZANIA – Best 6N/7D Wildebeest Migration

Safari Package 4: Best 6 Nights / 7 Days

Safari Package 5: TANZANIA – 6N/7D Best of Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Safari Package 5: 7 Days/6 Nights

Safari Package 6: KENYA – Budget-Friendly 7N/8D & 6N/7D Kenya Safari

Safari Package 6: 8 Days/7 Nights

Safari Package 7: KENYA – 4N/5D Maasai Mara Wildebeest Migration Safari

Lioness in the Ngorongoro Crater Area

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Packages 2024

The safaris in Tanzania are well-known worldwide. We will provide you with the best Tanzania Wildlife Safaris.

Since the early 2000s, tourism has increased. But, due to the Ebola panic at the beginning of 2015, Tanzanian tourism took a significant hit. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic affected safaris with a colossal impact. Things are starting to turn around. Over 50% of tourists prefer the Serengeti Safari or the Ngorongoro Crater Safari.

You will be in awe of the natural beauty of nature. After spending time with that hippopotamus in its murky waters. Or with the wildebeests in its grasslands. Slow crocodiles stare at you with hungry eyes. The majestic lion attempts to catch the smell of its newest victim. Along the way, chimpanzees keep you company. At the same time, the occasional elephant follows its yearly migration path. The success of African tourism is due to this. These wildlife Tanzania safari excursions deliver an experience not describable in words.

East Africa is where the idea of a safari first emerged. Tanzania offers the closest thing to the ideal safari experience. The most pleasing vista that Mother Nature has to offer. There are herds of elephants, giraffes, and Wildebeests, against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro.

And to top it all off, you get to meet and talk to traditional Masai warriors. They guard their towns and herds of livestock. They live in tents that gaze out over the sparkling Savannah. Where else on the earth would you expect to experience such sensations? A Tanzanian safari is an ideal way to round off your wildlife Tanzania safari excursions. And that is but one characteristic of Tanzania.

Tanzania Safari Packages - Best Wildlife Concentration

It is said that if you love good wine and safaris, you should travel to South Africa. Yet, nothing comes close to the thought of these implausible African safaris. It would be best if you visited Tanzania. It has the greatest concentration of wildlife on the entire continent.

More than 33 per cent of the land has been a protected area. And what is better is that it's endangered for several decades. It means you to access areas untouched by man, where nature has been permissible to run free. It also means that the country has many species found on a safari. Its animal population is roughly 7.5 times higher than in South Africa.

What to Wear on Tanzania Wildlife Safari?

You can watch the video below and go through the page detailing what to wear on safari. There are also wildlife safari FAQs.

Safari Packages for Serengeti's Great Migration

Only in East Africa can you see the wonder of The Great Migration on a Serengeti safari excursion. In the ideal months, June and July, you will most likely see the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti. July through October are the best times to view the migration. Predators await on land and water as the animals cross the Mara River. It creates a storm for a thrilling safari experience, the spectacle of thousands of grazing animals crossing fields and rivers. Giving birth and concluding their yearly journey is enlightening and emotional. The big five constitute the quintessential safari experience.

Which nation gives the total views? Tanzania! Which safari is better Kenya or Tanzania? Kenya and Tanzania can boast of being among the best places in the world for animal encounters. On an African safari, they are home to the Great Migration, which is famous worldwide. Tanzania has the edge over Kenya if you compare countries based on the number of animals in Tanzania safari.

Wildebeest Migration Chart

The Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest in the Serengeti National Park during the Migration

Safari Packages - Finding the Big Five

Tanzania's many lions, black rhinos, African buffalo, elephants, and leopards are well-known. That said, there is a constant probability of witnessing the Big 5 in this area. Furthermore, it may be a nation that permits you to view them all on the same day. Where? Of course, the Ngorongoro Crater! We have the safari packages that cover the Ngorongoro Crater Area.

Moderate climate - Perfect For Safari Packages

The fact that Tanzania experiences minor seasonal fluctuations is much more critical, aside from the wet months of April and November. You can always expect warm, pleasant weather throughout the year. The temperature is generally within the 70s - 80s range. You are guaranteed a more manageable and better safari experience. We do our best to provide you with a pleasurable experience with our safari packages.

Tanzania has so many national parks. You have the highest possibility of finding anything there, regardless of your decision or preference. You are independent of what you're interested in viewing.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Parks: Serengeti Park; Ngorongoro Crater; Tarangire Park & Lake Manyara