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Safaris Packages - Tanzania is home to the Best Safaris in Africa. Spending time with that hippopotamus in its murky waterways or the wildebeests in its plains leaves you awe-struck with the true beauty of nature. Sluggish crocodiles lay hungry eyes on you and the regal lion tries to get a whiff of its newest prey. Chimpanzees accompany you along your journey to keep you company and the odd elephant goes around its seasonal migration route without care. That’s the reason why African tourism thrived. After all, the experience that these Tanzania Safari Tour Packages have to offer, merely cannot be put down in words.

Tourism has unceasingly been on the rise since the early 2000s. The year 2011 saw as many as 843,000 tourists coming to Tanzania, and this amplified to 1,063,000 by the year 2013. Early 2015 saw a major nose-dive in Tanzanian tourism because of the Ebola scare, but things are again starting to pick up for the country. Much of the tourism in Tanzania Wildlife Safaris Package is claimed by its rich national parks and incredible safaris with more than 50% of the travellers entering the country choosing the Serengeti Safari Tour Packages or the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Packages over everything else.

The concept of safaris was born in East Africa, and no country comes close to providing the perfect safari experience as Tanzania. Herds of wildebeests, giraffes, and elephants against the background of Mount Kilimanjaro are perhaps the best view that Mother Nature has to offer.

To top it off, you get to meet and interact with traditional Masai warriors protecting their villages and cattle and live in tents that overlook the glittery Savannah. Where else on the planet could you expect such sensations to come to life? The following are a select few reasons why Wildlife Safari Packages Tanzania is the best journey's end for your wildlife safari adventures. And that’s just one feature of looking at Tanzania.

Safari Packages - Finest Concentration of Wildlife

They say that if you love wine as much as you love the idea of a safari, head over to South Africa, for it gives you access to both. However, if nothing comes close to the thought of these implausible African safaris, you need to visit Tanzania, for it has the maximum concentration of wildlife on the entire continent.

More than 33 per cent of the country’s land has been declared a protected area, and what’s better is that it has been endangered for several decades. This means that you get access to areas that are untouched by man, places where nature has been permissible to run free. This also means that the country has great numbers for most foremost species found in a safari and its animal population is roughly 7.5 times higher than South Africa.

Safari Packages - Spotting the Big 5

Tanzania’s great populations of lions, black rhinos, African buffalo, elephants, and leopards. This means that you always have a better chance of meeting the big 5 here. Moreover, it is perhaps the one country that lets you see all of them on the same day. Where? The Ngorongoro Crater of course!

The Great Migration - Serengeti Safari Packages 

The Great Migration marvel is exclusive to East Africa. The ideal time for witnessing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is during June and July. The ideal months to see the Great Migration are between July and October. The herds are making the treacherous Mara River crossing, creating the storm for a dramatic safari experience with predators lurking on land and in the river. The big five is the definitive safari experience, the sight of thousands of grazing animals crossing the plains and rivers, giving birth and finishing their annual migration is both enriching and moving. Which country offers the most authentic views? Tanzania!

Temperate Climate - Ideal for Safari Packages

Even more important is that Tanzania witnesses small seasonal variations. This means that you can always expect the weather to be warm and pleasing throughout the year, except for the rainy months of April and November. The temperature is usually within the 70s – 80s range and this always promises an easier and better safari experience.

The existence of dozens of national parks in the country means that regardless of your choice or your preference, unrelatedly of what you’re interested in seeing and irrespective of where you want to stay during your safari, you have the best chance of tracking everything down in Tanzania.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Parks: Serengeti; Ngorongoro; Tarangire & Lake Manyara

Safari Package 1: Serengeti 2 Days

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Safari Package 2: Serengeti 3 Days

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Safari Package 3: Ngorongoro 2 Days

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Safari Package 4: Serengeti 8 Days

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Safari Package 5: Serengeti 7 Days

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Safari Package 6: Tarangire, Serengeti 8 Days

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Safari Package 7: Incl. Zanzibar 12 Days

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